Mary Harrah • Musician • Educator • Linguist

Welcome to my studio!I’m very happy you have decided to trust your student’s musical education to me. In this document, I have outlined some policies that will make lessons run smoothly for everyone.

Missed lessons: Students are charged for all registered lessons. Notification of a cancellation at least 24 hours in advance is a required courtesy to the teacher.  

  • Lessons canceled less than 24 hours in advance that are not due to illness or family emergency will not be made up. You will be responsible for payment for that lesson.
  • That being said, please do not attend if your child is ill or contagious. Lessons canceled less than 24 hours in advance due to illness or family emergency will be made up. The teacher is not obligated to make up missed make-up lessons.
  • If you decide to discontinue your lessons, please notify me at least one month ahead of time. You will be expected to pay the full monthly tuition for that month.There are no refunds offered for any reason.

Tuition: Please contact me through the Contact Me page, or the New Student Sign-Up page for my most up-to-date rates and payment options.

Payment: Payment is due at the first lesson of the month for that month’s lessons. Payment not received by the 15 th of the month will result in discontinuation of lessons until the payment has been received. Payment may be made by check, cash, Venmo, Zelle, or directly from your monthly invoice through PayPal.

Practice: Students, with help of their parents, should set regular daily practice times.  It is best to choose a set time each day that is the dedicated practice time.

  • Practicing and progress on the instrument are directly proportional to one another. The more the student practices, the greater the progress will be.
  • Parent support is also an extremely important factor in musical training. Children whose parents take an active interest in their child's progress are more dedicated to their instrument.

Book purchase: Parents purchase books for their children based on my recommendation. I have books available for purchase, or you may order online from a music store.

Recitals: Recitals are held regularly, and build confidence and motivate students. They also provide parents and family with the opportunity to listen to a performance by their child.

Certificate Advancement Program: The American String Teachers' Association offers the Certificate Advancement Program (CAP), which is a ten-year graded course of study that helps with the development of violin and viola performance, technique, and theory. All the students are strongly encouraged to participate in this excellent program.

Online instruction is available via Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom.

Congratulations to Hannah (5th in her region, viola), Jordyn (viola), and Elena (viola) on their successful Regional Orchestra auditions. (January 2024)

Congratulations  all students on a beautiful recital. (May 2023)

Congratulations  to Jackson (viola), Elena (viola), and Angela (1st violin) on their successful Regional Orchestra auditions. (January 2023)

Congratulations to Valeria (MCC Violin) on her acceptance to both ASU's and NAU's School of Music for Music Education. (March 2022)

Congratulations to Jackson--1st alternate for Arizona All State Orchestra, Viola. (March 2022)

Congratulations to Halle (MCC Violin) on her acceptance to SIX Music Therapy programs, including ASU, and a full ride scholarship to ASU. (March 2021)

As of March 2021, in-person instruction has resumed.